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Working Process of Hot Chamber Die Casting Machine

The action procedure of various Hot Chamber die casting machines may not be completely consistent according to various requirements, but the process content to be completed, that is, the basic procedure, is the same. The HT90 type Hot Chamber die-casting machine produced by YOMATO MACHINERY is given as an example.

(1) The cycle period of the die-casting machine in the hot chamber is usually calculated when the die is closed. Through the operation of the combined hydraulic cylinder and the double bend elbow amplification mechanism, the die is closed quickly at low pressure first. When the moving seat plate and the shaped seat plate are approaching (the position setting and detection are handled accurately by the computer with extremely high precision electronic ruler), the power system of the combined mechanism is automatically switched to low pressure (i.e. test pressure) and low speed. After confirming that there is no foreign body in the cavity and the inlay is not loose, the die is switched to high pressure and locked.

(2) After confirming that the mould has reached the required locking degree, the closing device shall make a pre-closing motion so that the nozzle and the casting port of the mould are bonded. After the position is confirmed, the pressing system will shoot the metal hydraulic pressure into the cavity at high speed and high pressure.

(3) When the molten material in the cavity loses the possibility of reflux from the gate (the gate solidifies), the pressure can be relieved (the pressure jet head returns), and the product continues to be cooled and shaped in the cavity, while the post-buckle movement is made to separate the nozzle from the lower temperature mold gating.

(4) according to the cycle time set in the computer, after the product is cooled and finalized to the core-pulling return position confirmation, the front door is automatically opened by pneumatic device, then the opening and closing system moves slowly, quickly and slowly in turn to prevent the mold and product from being damaged by too much pressure when opening.

(5) When the product falls, it is automatically detected and counted by the electric eye to check again whether there is a foreign body in the cavity, then the spray device fixed on the side of the plate is automatically injected into the mold cavity, and the front door is automatically closed by the pneumatic device, and the next cycle is started after confirmation.

The above process can be drawn in chronological order into the YOMATO Hot Chamber die casting machine HT90 die casting working cycle diagram, as shown in figure 1-12.

Fig .1-12 YOMATO HT90 Hot chamber Die-casting Machine Working Cycle



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