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Process Technology Selection for Magnesium Alloy Die Castings

Die casting die forging production of magnesium alloy has reached the mature industrial level. The following suggestions are made for the selection of technology and equipment for industrial production of magnesium alloy casting forgings:

1. Production of General Magnesium Alloy (Flammable Magnesium Alloy) Cast Forgings
The first choice is the hot chamber horizontal magnesium alloy die casting die forging machine. its advantage is that there is no complex protection system against magnesium alloy combustion.
It is suggested to adopt a double furnace parallel heat preservation and melting system, one furnace is a heat preservation furnace, the cover seal is not opened during production, the protective gas seal protection is added, and the other furnace is used as a special melting magnesium ingot. The melting furnace is recommended to use a ready-made magnesium alloy industrial frequency furnace (a large industrial electric furnace factory in Shandong can be matched). this scheme, the investment is minimal.
The production efficiency of horizontal magnesium alloy die casting die forging machine in hot chamber is high, which is the best choice for the production of small size magnesium alloy blank. When large size horizontal magnesium alloy die-casting die-forging machine is needed, the current equipment manufacturer will require a longer order time.
The second choice is cold chamber horizontal magnesium alloy die casting die forging machine. Its advantage is that it can produce super-large magnesium alloy casting forgings (such as magnesium alloy wheels, etc.), and now has the largest model of 900 to 1200 tons of die forging equipment.
The melting furnace also recommends the use of ready-made magnesium alloy power frequency furnace. The soup rationing device uses the current mature equipment.
The only drawback of this scheme is that the current magnesium alloy quantitative soup feeding device is still expensive.

2. Production of flame retardant magnesium alloy castings
At present, the flame retardant magnesium alloy is the same in function as the ordinary magnesium alloy. if the customer does not ask for the magnesium alloy variety, it is recommended that we all use the flame retardant magnesium alloy to produce the cast forgings and serve as the best selection process recommended for the new upper magnesium alloy casting forgings project.
In terms of materials, China has achieved the international advanced level of flame retardant magnesium alloy research results, and won the second prize of national scientific and technological progress in 2003. the ignition point temperature of this magnesium alloy is increased from 520℃ below the melting point (AZ91D the ignition point of magnesium alloy is 510℃) to above the melting temperature (760℃), which realizes the unprotected melting and casting forging production of magnesium alloy in the atmosphere.
In terms of equipment, all ordinary extrusion die-casting die forgers can be used for matching production at present, that is to say, the equipment for producing magnesium alloy casting forgings is exactly the same as that for aluminum alloy extrusion die-casting die forgers, the equipment input is reduced by 20%, and the whole production cost can be minimized.

3. Flame retardant magnesium alloy castings
Another technological advantage of extrusion die-casting forging can be brought into full play in the production of flame-retardant magnesium alloy casting forgings, which is the semi-solid extrusion die-casting forging process of magnesium alloy.
Magnesium alloy has a melting point of 650°C, its semi-solid temperature region wide, so it is an ideal semi-solid injection molding metal. Using the semi-solid extrusion die-casting process of magnesium alloy, the initial casting temperature of magnesium alloy can be reduced from 760℃ to 560~630℃ of the melting state of the alloy.
The ignition point of many ordinary magnesium alloys can be higher than the temperature ℃560~630 after simple flame retardant alloying, which makes the unprotected melting and casting forging production of magnesium alloys in the atmosphere universal and no longer limited to a few grades developed at present.



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