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Why should I choose YOMATO Pressure Die Casting Machine?

Its simple. We offer you the reliable Pressure Die Casting Machines with a reasonable price. There are also other high quality brands out there, but they will make you pay more. There are also some cheaper machines, but they don't provide the quality you require for serious die casting.

What’s your core advantage?

Yomato awarded as Top 5 brand in China,25+years rich experience in R&D and manufacturing,factory P.C.:700sets/year with higher quality standard,7x24 best response sales & service globally.

Are you trading company or manufacturer?
We are professional manufacturer of pressure die casting machine since 1999,you can click the below link to see our milestone.


Can you customize my Pressure Die Casting Machine to my specific requirements?

Absolutely. Every die caster follows a unique process and has specific requirements. If you tell us about your requirements,we will adapt it and customized production.

Are YOMATO Pressure Die Casting Machine suitable for producing demanding parts. Like the ones required by the automotive sector?

Without a doubt. Many of our customers work for OEM's and ODM's companies(Benz,BMW,VW,Geely,etc.). Our machines have been fully tested for years and are capable of producing quality parts for the most demanding customers in every industry.

Can YOMATO provide me with a full die casting project?

Of course we can. In fact, most of our customers prefer to get a turnkey project and deal with only one supplier. We produce not only Pressure Die Casting Machine, but related peripheral equipment also.

I'm new to die casting. Can you assess me in the best way to start?

You can count on it. We have helped companies with no experience in die casting to take their first steps in this amazing industry. We teach them how to precisely set up their Pressure Die Casting Machine and how to coordinate all the different elements in a work cell in order to optimize the casting cycle time.

Do I need a fully automated die casting work project?

As a general rule, the most automated, the most profitable your operations will be. However, depending on your needs, you can start with a semi-automated system and upgrade Later. The minimum configuration we recommend is getting the Pressure Die Casting Machine plus the automatic auto ladler.

How to visit your factory?

Please inform us in advance for reception,our Cold Chamber Die Casting Machine factory local in Changzhou,Jiangsu,near Shanghai,Nanjing airport,Changzhou,Liyang railway station. 

And our Hot Chamber Die Casting Machine factory local in Jiangmen,Guangdong,near Guangzhou,Foshan airport.

Welcome to visit us,It is also our pleasure to help you on pick-up and hotel booking.



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