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About Us

We create a better, more efficient and more profitable future for the die casting machine industry through long-term planning. We are working towards a vision of a digital die casting island with 0% scrap, 40% shorter cycle times and non-stop continuous operation.

YOMATO located at the Jintan Economic Development Zone,Changzhou,Jiangsu Province,One-stop Solution Base for Die Casting Machines. 

The founder of YOMATO at the beginning of its founding set the company's business philosophy of technology as the driving force and quality for survival. In order to make high-quality products, the company sets its investment in scientific research of products, and invests 15% of its annual sales profit in product research and development. Learning from foreign excellent benchmarking enterprises in pump industry, YOMATO's aluminium and magnesium alloy die-casting machine has always been in the pioneer in China, keeping pace with foreign excellent enterprises. 

YOMATO has attached great importance to intellectual property since 2008, so that its achievements in product research and development will not be subject to intellectual property problems. YOMATO has obtained five invention designs and one utility model designs in the field of die casting machine. YOMATO has established the leading position in die casting technology. 

    Practical New Design of Injection Control 

    Practical New Design of Template

    Practical New Design of Hydraulic 

    Practical New Design of Electrical Layout 

    Innovative Design of Die Casting Craft

Development History of YOMATO Die Casting Machine

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2008: Develop and produce 130-1100 tons die casting machine.

2013: Develop and produce 1300-2000 tons die casting machine.

2015: Develop export markets, sell well in Russia, East Europe, South America, India and Southeast Asia.

2016: The 1st set 2000 tons(MT2000) die casting machine is worked well for customers.

2018: 1. In that year, 400 units were sold at home and abroad, and 2500 units were sold globally.

          2. Winning the No.1 comprehensive strength of emerging brand of die casting machine.

          3. Winning the Top 5 outstanding brands of die casting machine industry in 2018;

2019: Move into the new factory, PC up to 700sets/year;

2021: Turnover of 15.052 billion yuan; Yomato die casting machine Exported 20+ countries

YOMATO Die Casting Machine Factory

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