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Features of YOMATO 15-500 Tons Hot Chamber Die Casting Machine

In current production, most of them use conventional hot chamber die-casting machines. YOMATO die-casting machine manufacturer supports customization of 15-500 tons clamping force hot chamber die-casting machine suitable for your production needs. We can give you the most cost-effective hot-chamber die-casting machine at the most reasonable price. So, let's see what features YOMATO Hot Chamber Die Casting Machines have!

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(1) Die-casting of low-melting point alloys is usually the mainstay, and zinc alloys are the most typical;

(2) It is suitable for the production of small die-casting parts, and hot chamber die-casting is not suitable for medium and large die-casting parts;

(3) The molten metal filled into the mold cavity always flows in the closed channel, and the oxidized inclusions are not easy to get involved, which is more beneficial to the quality of the die casting;

(4) The automation of the die-casting process is easy to realize;

(5) Since no pouring program is required, the production efficiency is high under normal operation;

(6) The injection pressure is slightly lower, and there is no pressurization stage in the injection process, but it has little effect on small and thin-walled parts;

(7) It is difficult to grasp and control the life of hot parts such as injection punches, pouring pots, and nozzles, and it is time-consuming to replace after failure;

(8) When replacing or repairing the furnace, it is necessary to disassemble and assemble the hot parts, which increases the auxiliary time;

(9) For hot chamber die casting of high melting point alloys, magnesium alloys are still more suitable at present, and Hot Chamber Die Casting Machines for magnesium alloys also have the above characteristics.



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