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Basic Structure of Die casting Machine

Pressure casting (die casting for short) is a method of filling molten metal into mold cavity at high speed under high pressure and making metal solidify under this pressure to form casting. High pressure and high speed are the fundamental differences between die casting and other casting methods, and also the most important characteristics.

Pressure casting is one of the fastest production methods in all casting methods. the initial filling speed is in the range m/s 0.5~70, and the production efficiency is high. Die casting machine can be used to die casting from simple to quite complex, die casting weight can range from a few grams to dozens of kilograms, and can achieve mechanization and automation of die casting production, die casting products are widely used in 3 C, of automotive, aerospace, telecommunications equipment,Medical devices, electrical instruments, daily hardware, etc., as shown in Fig .1-1 is a schematic diagram of pressure casting engineering.

Fig .1-1 Schematic diagram of pressure casting engineering

Die casting machine is divided into two categories: Hot Chamber Die Casting Machine and Cold Chamber Die Casting Machine. the hot chamber die-casting machine is connected with the crucible, its pressure chamber is immersed in the metal molten liquid, and the pressing parts are installed on the top of the furnace crucible; the pressure chamber of the cold chamber die-casting machine is separate from the crucible. when die-casting, the liquid metal is removed from the crucible or the heat preservation furnace of the furnace and poured into the pressure chamber for die-casting. the cold chamber die-casting machine is suitable for casting various nonferrous alloys and ferrous metals. Die casting with die casting machine has the following working characteristics:

1) operation procedure is simple, production efficiency is high, easy to realize automation.

2) die casting can replace partial assembly, and the raw material consumption is less, can save assembly hours.

3) cold chamber die-casting machine is generally equipped with eccentric and center two pouring positions, can be selected for die casting design.

4) metal liquid has less turning point when it flows in the sprue, it is beneficial to play the role of pressurization and improve the quality of die casting.

5) die casting has good mechanical properties, Cold Chamber Die Casting Machine is mainly used for aluminum, magnesium, copper and other alloys, Hot Chamber Die Casting Machine is mainly used for zinc,magnesium, lead, tin and other alloys.

6) Good interchangeability and easy maintenance.

7) die-casting products with clear outline, die-casting thin-walled, complex parts as well as patterns, patterns, text and so on, can achieve high clarity degree.

8) die casting equipment investment is high, generally not suitable for small batch production.



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