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Preheater for Magnesium Dosing Furnace

High Preformance
Energy Saving
High Safety
Higher Stability

Product Description

Preheater for Magnesium Dosing Furnace
Introduction of characteristics and functions of magnesium alloy preheating automatic feeder
1.Automatic temperature-controlled radiant heater with uniform temperature and high thermal efficiency.
2.The frequency conversion control drive chain can adjust the feeding rate according to the material usage of the magnesium furnace.
3.PLC programmable controller, color touch screen man-machine interface, accurate temperature control.
4.High-precision position detection function ensures that each preheated magnesium alloy ingot can be sent to a predetermined feeding point.
5.Germany imported high-precision rodless cylinder drive mechanism to ensure the reliability of feeding.
6.The hydraulic drive height adjustment mechanism ensures the use and matching of the preheating feeder in different environments.
7.Reliable closed-loop control system. When one action is not completed, the next action will be automatically stopped and alarmed, and the operation is safe and reliable.
8.Automatic feeding, reduce the labor intensity.



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