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Gas Protection System

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Product Description

Large gas protection system
Traditional magnesium alloy gas protection technology:
Since the molten magnesium alloy will burn in the exposed air, it is avoided to contact the air as much as possible. Therefore, when the furnace temperature reaches 350 °C, the protective gas mixer will automatically provide the shielding gas proportionally. The traditional shielding gas adopts SF6 (SO2) and N2, and the distribution relationship of the shielding gas in the furnace is: air, nitrogen, SF6 (SO2) , magnesium liquid.
Magnesium alloy central gas protection system:
In order to reduce the production cost, improve the gas utilization rate, and facilitate the regulation of the production machine, a magnesium alloy central gas protection system can be used. The system is changed from an air compressor, a dryer, a gas storage tank, a nitrogen generator, and a main mixing cabinet. , gas distribution control cabinet and gas pipeline components. The working principle is as follows: the high-purity nitrogen gas that meets the standard is adjusted and decompressed with the SF6 through the main control electrical cabinet, and then input to the central gas storage tank or directly to each gas supply point.
New protective gas for magnesium alloy:
Although the traditional SF6 has excellent protection against magnesium alloy fluid, the current greenhouse gas emissions of the 52KG SF6 standard bottle are equivalent to the CO2 emissions of 240,000 private cars per year, or about 85 hectares of forest. Ding Zhengxin Company successfully developed a new type of magnesium alloy shielding gas, which makes the magnesium liquid not easy to burn and solves the greenhouse effect of the gas. Make the working environment of workers safer and better, and also reduce the cost of production gas.



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