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Technical News

Die casting principle of hot chamber die casting machine

When the injection plunger rises, the metal liquid in the crucible enters into the pressure chamber(gooseneck) of the pot through the inlet of the pot. After the mold closed, when the hammer is pressed down, the metal liquid is filled from the nozzle head to the cavity of the Die Casting Mould along the channel to solidify and form. The injection plunger rises again, and the casting is taken out after the mould is opened,Forming a die casting cycle.

As shown in Figure 1-4.

Figure 1-4 filling schematic diagram of Hot Chamber Die Casting Machine

1 -- feeding barrel   2 -- crucible   3 -- charging pot   4 -- nozzle nut   5 -- Die Casting Mould 6 -- nozzle head  7 -- nozzle body   8 -- heating ring   9 -- heating block 10 -- hammer clamp   11 -- hammer handle   12 -- hammer head 13 -- pressure chamber(gooseneck)



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