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Plunger Lubrication Oil

High Preformance
Long Life
High Precision
Higher Stability

Product Description

Plunger Lubrication Oil

Oil series products made of high temperature resistant synthetic oil, extreme pressure additives; no graphite, clean working environment;

It can quickly form a very good lubricating film, reduce the friction wear between the head, the cup and the gate sleeve, and effectively improve the service life of the head and cup.

Suitable for automatic drip or manual painting.

Advantages of punch lubricating oil:

The lubrication effect is good, the dosage is 1/5/1/3 of other punch lubricant;

Reduce the internal air hole (especially hydrogen hole);

It contains no inorganic matter, eliminates the inner hard spot, the black spot, the macular spot and the black spot of the casting surface.

Do not leave spots on casting surface, improve casting coating performance;

Atomization lubrication using drip machine to improve the surrounding environment of the workshop;

Atomization lubrication, uniform film formation, extended punch service life.

Physical and chemical indicators



Motor viscosity (25oC)

Open flash point

tipping point

Amber liquid


1000± cSt



Storage: Indoor storage, shelf life 3 years

Packing Specification :18Kg Color Packing ,180Kg Iron Packing

Model: P-LB100,P-LB160



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