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Aluminium Deslagging Agent

High Preformance
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Product Description

Aluminium Deslagging Agent for Die Casting Machine

Aluminum alloy Deslagging agent is divided into "slagging agent" and "compound Deslagging agent ".

The main ingredients are sodium salt, potassium salt and fluoride salt group. With slag removal, gas removal, covering and other properties, composite Deslagging agent (i.e. quaternary modifier) has both metamorphic refinement properties, is a kind of universal melting. Aluminum alloy Deslagging agent smoke-free non-toxic, in line with national environmental requirements, especially suitable for die-casting aluminum alloy crucible smelting operation.

Method of use

1. When the melting temperature of aluminum alloy reaches 630°C ~700°C, a proper amount of Deslagging agent is scattered on the surface of aluminum liquid and stirred up and down with a leaking spoon for 3 min -5 min, the slag can be removed.
2. Deslagging agent content depends on the purity of aluminum liquid, generally 0.2%-0.5% of aluminum liquid;
The aging of 3. compound Deslagging agent was 4 h and 4 h. It is suggested that die castings with strict requirements for compactness of aluminum alloy must control the aging time of metamorphic absorption.

Packing Specification :1 kg per bag ,20 kg per box

Precautions in custody
Beware of moisture, avoid long-term pressure, if there is a phenomenon of caking, after crushing after placing the furnace side baking can be used, do not affect the use of the effect.



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