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Manual Spray Gun Sand Blasting

High Preformance
Long Life
High Precision
Higher Stability

Product Description

Manual Spray Gun Sand Blasting for Cold Chamber High Pressure Die Casting Machine

Product details

The self-priming type sandblasting gun nozzle is high temperature and high pressure of composite wear-resistant material

Sintered, hardness greater than HRC93, density greater than 2.50g/cm3, aluminum

Use wear-resistant aluminum alloy solution treatment, hardness up to HB110, the whole gun

Service life is more than 1000 hours; design of negative pressure cavity is ideal.

Strong and strong.


The inlet nozzle and sand inlet joint are respectively connected with the air source hose and sand suction pipe.

2 Loosen the fastening screws, the intake nozzle can be adjusted inside and outside;

Small amount of sand, and strong strength, outward adjustment, vice versa;

For the sake of self-safety, be sure to wear the sand blasting gun

Protective clothing.

Main technical parameters

Compressed air

≥0.6 MPa

Sand blasting distance


Gas Consumption

0.8 to 1.2 m3/min

abrasive particle size


Abrasive lift height


Sand blasting capacity


External diameter of fixed frame

Ø45 mm

Sand inlet joints

13.5 mm

Diameter of nozzle inner hole

8 mm

Air intake joint

Ø9.5 mm



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