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Manual Spray Gun

  • Manual Spray Gun Back Adjustable
  • Manual Spray Gun Back Adjustable
Manual Spray Gun Back AdjustableManual Spray Gun Back Adjustable

Manual Spray Gun Back Adjustable

  • High Preformance
  • Long Life
  • High Precision
  • Higher Stability
  • Product description: Manual Spray Gun Back Adjustable, high quality, long using life, standard and customilized with reasonable cost.

Product Description

Manual Spray Gun Back Adjustable for Cold Chamber High pressure die casting machine

Usage method

1. Air connector (A or AIR mark) is connected to the air source connecting pipe, and the liquid inlet connector (O or OI mark) is connected to the liquid delivery pipe, and is firmly fixed with iron wire or throat hoop;

2. The liquid delivery pipe is connected with the coating with pressure. Pay attention that the coating pressure should be less than the compressed air pressure;

3. Operating procedures: open the first gear (air supply valve core) to only produce compressed air, and open the first and second gear (liquid valve core) to spray paint;

4. The gas volume and solar term can be regulated by regulating the gas regulating valve core and the liquid regulating valve core.

Model: WFT (Total spray gun length)

Technical parameters: compressed air pressure: 0.4 ~ 0.8MPa;

Commonly used spray gun length: 400mm, 450mm, 500mm; the total length of spray gun can be customized to multiply by 50mm.


1. It is better to clean the spray gun in time after use, especially spray the paint with adhesion or solid particles. Cleaning method: insert the coating pipe into the water (or organic solvent) for 2~3 minutes to achieve the cleaning effect.

2. If the spray gun is found to be blocked, the spray nozzle can be blocked with the thumb, and the first and second gears can be opened at the same time. The blockage may return from the coating pipeline to remove the blockage.


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