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Hanging Transshipment Furnace

High Preformance
Energy Saving
High Efficiency
Higher Stability

Product Description

Hanging Transshipment Furnace

1.Furnace lining with imported refractory fiber module pressed, good heat preservation, small heat storage, fast heating;
2.Adopts inlet temperature control instrument, PID control, furnace temperature stability control at ≤5°C;
3.Equipped with a non-metallic thermocouple protection tube, direct measurement of aluminum temperature, double temperature control, conducive to the correct implementation of the process;
4.Selected imported graphite crucible, good thermal conductivity, long service life, no iron proliferation;
5.It is heated by high temperature alloy resistance band, which has the characteristics of large heat dissipation surface area and long service life;
6.Control system is also equipped with leakage alarm, over temperature alarm and other functions to ensure the safety of equipment and operation;
7.Furnace cover under pressure rotation, easy to operate;
8.Handwheel and reducer drive furnace turning, simple and easy, low failure rate;
9.Power supply connection uses the international famous aviation plug, is safe and reliable.



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