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Automatic Degassing Machine

High Preformance
Energy Saving
High Efficiency
Higher Stability

Product Description

Automatic Degassing Machine

1.Degasser is composed of rotary degasser, hopper system, spiral feeding sprinkler, adjustable baffle and electric control cabinet.
2.The closed hopper is designed to prevent moisture absorption of flux, and the sensor in the hopper is used to indicate the flux.
3.Flux is automatically sprayed into the vortex, and the device is driven by a screw with motor.
4.Adjustable baffle can be arbitrarily immersed in the alloy solution during the treatment process.  It is suggested that the baffle is helpful to form the swirl in the alloy solution, which can not only eliminate the swirl, but also optimize the degassing process.
5.Through the PLC program controller and frequency conversion speed controller,so that the whole process of automatic and stable execution.



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