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88Ton Professional small hot chamber die casting machine with great price

High Preformance
High Efficiency
High Precision
Higher Stability

Clamping unit

The Clamping unit consists of die-casting moulds, oil cylinders, four tie bar and crankshaft mechanism etc.

The action of the moving platen is performed by the piston rod which can drive the toggle unit.

The four tie bar are made from alloy steel of high quality, whose surface are processed through quenching and tempering with a coating of hard chrome plating, so it have a very long service life.

Injection unit

The injection unit of Hot Chamber Die Casting Machine including the injection bracket ,injection oil cylinder ,hydraulic cylinder ,injection rod ,injection plunger ,plunger rings ,injection chamber ,jet pipe and spray nozzle .

Ejection unit

The main consist of Ejection unit of the machine is hydraulic ejector and ejection rod .The 66T automatic Hot Chamber Die Casting Machine machine is equipped with a hydraulic ejector with an ejection force of 50kN. Various types of ejection rod can be installed according to actual needs.

Push off unit

The die casting machine with the push off unit automatically .The push off distance depends on push off time which can be set in the human-machine interface.

Spraying die-casting moulds with lubricant

This style die casting machine should use the water-solubility lubricant for its die-casting moulds.The spraying unit is automatically .Generally, spray the die-casting mould every two die-casting operations. The spraying interval can be set in the human-computer dialog box according to users'' requirement. The spraying position is adjusted by the lubricant-spraying unit. The amount of spraying can be set in the human-computer dialog box.

Melting furnace

The machine includes 3 sets of melting unit, which are the full automatic combustion furnace , the electric furnace. Users and gas furnace .You can choose one kind of melting unit discretionarily.For the internal heating electric furnace ,If the internal heating furnace is used for the first time, the first furnace must be filled with molten liquid alloy in the empty crucible.

Item Unit HTJ88
Clamping Froce kN 880
Moving Platen Stroke mm 270
Space Between Tie Bar(HxV) mm 360x360
Die Height(Min/Max) mm 120/360
Injection Force kN 75
Injection Stroke mm 130
Injection Position mm 0,-60
Ejecting Force KN 60
Ejecting Stroke mm 60
Dia meter of shot sleeve mm 60
Max. Casting Projection Area cm 236
Working pressure of vane pump MPa 12
Motor Power kW 11
Dosage of fluid metal per shot(Zn) kg 1.6
Effective Volume of Crucible (Zn) kg 350
Oil consuption of burner kg/h 1.5~6.0
Oil Tank Capacity L 250
Machine Weight kg 4700
Machine Dimensions(LxWxH) mm 4300x1800x2250



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