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Product Description

Temperature Thermocouple

Product application:

The thermal couple protection sheath i s used t o protect the thermal couple from damage in the Non Ferrous metal meIts. Accurate temperature control with quick response time i s an essentiaI requirement o f the foundry t o ensure high quaIity castings. The high thermaI conductivity and Iow heat capacity o f thermal couple sheath can give accurate temperature o f the metal me It within one minute.
Product advantages:

  1. High thermal conductive, quick response time,accurate temperature control
  2. Excellent oxidation, erosion and thermal shock resistance
  3. Good resistance to mechanical stress
  4. No contamination to metal melt
  5. Long lifetime, can be easily installed
L type Specification:
Thread L (mm) OD (mm) ID (mm)
1/2M 400 50 15
1/2" 500 50 15
l/2n 600 50 15
1/2" 650 5() 15
l/2n 800 50 15
1/2" 1100 50 15

Service life:
Melting Furnace : 4-6months Holding Furnace : 10-12months
Non-standard products can be customized.



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