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Sprayer Robot for 850-1300Ton

High Speed
High Efficiency
High Precision
Higher Stability

Product Description

1.The Spraying Volume of module spray bead can be adjusted by single row or separately.

2.Almighty sprayer: A standard sprayer can suitable for all mold. It has almost sensitivity of human wrist, pinpoint spray direction is vertical of mold outline. Even in covering position, it can control angle of reflection of sprayer to spirality spray accurately.

3.Effective sprayer: many rows and many liquid selection to lower 30% release agent and constringent air waste. Avoiding cavity because of excessive spraying in traditional spraying , improving quality. Polish up thermal-stress because of excessive mold cooling to extend the life of Robot.

4.Oid and liquid spraying: Spray oil or release agent at high temperature mold or die blind spot to avoid drawing dier sporadically. Adhesive force, liquidity and lube of oil can cover die blind spot and import liquidity metal liquid.

5.Impersonate spraying: as the shape of mode to distribute the sprayer heads, so the distance, angle and consistency arrive at the best purpose. Each row sprayer can control and adjust separately, so the sprayer can arrive at the best isochronous spraying. Spray on surface of the whole mode which can cool equably, to simplify the operation and increase 50% spraying efficiency

6.Mix spraying: Spray release agent at high speed and intumescent atomization, which meet the compress air, it means double spraying. Spraying area cover equably and no holes; air curtain limit mist flying over. High speed mist become high-powered superstaratum.

7.Aluminum parts combination, high temperature resistance tube, serviceable challenge die-casting circumstance.Each sprayer has airproof valve pin. After finish spraying, pneumatic valve cut off release agent canal.

8.CC-LINK communication, adjust speed and spraying time promptly.

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