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Smart Head Auto Sprayer for 450-550Ton

High Speed
High Efficiency
High Precision
Higher Stability

Product Description

1.The Spraying Volume of module spray bead can be adjusted by single row or separately.

2.This machine can stop at any position on the X axes and Y axes for the part spraying and blowing.

3.This machine can spray and blow continuously between the random two position on the X axes and Y axes and repeat.

4.Driven by servo motor, start and stop quickly, working stably and precisely.

5.The control system adopt Mitsubishi, PLC and touch screen which are reliable and easy to operate.

6.With Error display and explanation for easier maintenance.

7.A mass of mould technics parameters can be saved.

8.Can follow customer needs to customize the sprayers.

9.Can follow customer needs to customize above 2000T sprayer.

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