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Oil Lubricating Drip Machine

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Product Description
It is convenient to install and use the plunger lubricating drip machine; the drop quantity and the oil droplet diffusion range can be adjusted, the more effective lubricating plunger can prolong the service life of the plunger, save the oil consumption of the plunger, reduce the internal air hole of the casting; automatic drip to reduce the pollution to the machine and the surrounding environment; and the self-blowing function can clean up the residue in the cup to improve the internal quality of the casting.
Installation instructions:
1. The power line (24V ,0V) is connected to the DC24V power supply interface of the die-casting machine, and the signal line is connected to the return signal interface of the pressure beam;
2. The siphon pipe with filter net is inserted into the lubricating oil barrel, and the oil level must be higher than half of the filter screen.
3. The oil and gas mixing plate was fixed on the die-casting machine with two M6 screws (hole spacing 35mm);
4. Adjust the tubing and blow pipe (bendable copper pipe) to the proper position of the inlet.
1. Control the fuel injection by adjusting the hexagonal regulating rod 1 on the oil pump :- reduce the fuel injection, counterclockwise - increase the fuel injection;
2. Adjust the oil atomizing degree of the plunger by adjusting the compressed air throttle valve 2;
3. Control panel 3 parameter adjustment method: press (+)(-) key to increase or decrease the value to adjust the start time delay, fuel injection time, blowing time and working interval.



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