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Melting Holding Furnace 500kg/h

High Preformance
Energy Saving
High Efficiency
Higher Stability

Product Description

Melting Holding Furnace

CTM Series aluminum alloy melting and holding furnace is also called machine-side furnace, which uses tower structure preheating material, low energy consumption, fast melting speed, accurate temperature control, high degree of automation, safe and reliable.
1.International famous brand bright flame burner, using low excess air coefficient, through combustion to remove oxygen in the furnace, to reduce the burning rate, ensure full combustion, improve thermal efficiency;
2.Structure design is reasonable, furnace has no dead angle, easy cleaning, finishing and maintenance;
3.Tower structure, flue gas waste heat reuse, low carbon environmental protection, reduce energy consumption, high thermal efficiency, tons of aluminum melting energy consumption ≤55×104 kcal/T;
4.A burn rate of less than 1.3 per cent;
5.Easy to operate, double temperature control, direct measurement of aluminum liquid temperature, aluminum liquid temperature control accuracy, aluminum liquid temperature difference ≤±5°C;
6.Furnace lining selected imported high-quality materials, integral pouring, service life of more than five years, no aluminum, no crucible loss, no iron proliferation;
7.Adopts nano-adiabatic material, the heat preservation effect is excellent, the temperature rise of furnace wall is less than 30°C;
8.Can be installed according to customer needs automatic feeding device, automatic degassing device and automatic outlet;
9.LPG (liquefied petroleum gas), LNG (natural gas), diesel, cold gas and urban gas can be used as fuel.
Specification List

Model Melting capacity
Holding capacity
Height of the soup outlet
CTM-100 100 500 2800 1900 4000 1000
CTM-150 150 600 3000 2200 4200 1000
CTM-200 200 800 3150 2400 4200 1000
CTM-250 250 1000 3400 2550 4600 1000
CTM-300 300 1200 3600 2700 4800 1000
CTM-400 400 1500 3850 3000 5100 1000
CTM-500 500 1800 4100 3200 5500 1000



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