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Magnesium Die Casting Machine

  • Magnesium Die Casting Machine 700Ton
  • Magnesium Die Casting Machine 700Ton
  • Magnesium Die Casting Machine 700Ton
  • Magnesium Die Casting Machine 700Ton
Magnesium Die Casting Machine 700TonMagnesium Die Casting Machine 700TonMagnesium Die Casting Machine 700TonMagnesium Die Casting Machine 700Ton

Magnesium Die Casting Machine 700Ton

  • High Preformance
  • High Efficiency
  • High Precision
  • Higher Stability
  • Product description: Introduction of Magnesium Die Casting Machine 700Ton, include the highlights, features and specification list of Magnesium Die Casting Machine.

Product Description

Highlights of MMT Series Magnesium Die Casting Machine

Magnesium light metal element, Magnesium light metal element has the excellent performances of light weight, high strength, good absorption of vibration and strong electromagnetic shielding. It is honor as "Green Engineer Materials in the 21st Century.It is widely used for the key components in the Pelds of autocar motorcycle, 3C, aerospace, electric tools and household electric, etc.
1.Good performance of injection system: max. air pressure injection speed >8m/s, time of pressure boost to form pressure <15ms;
2.On injection system can realize the stepless speed and pressure regulations by the pressure and Bowing volume transducers and the Germany Park big Bowing volume proportional plug-in valve used on injection part.
3.Equipped with fully enclosed electric door; quick and stable running, protect the device safe and reliable.
4.Germany Siemens high speed PLC control system and Japanese Fuji big screen color contact screen are adopted with stable operation, strong anti-interference, high control precision.
5.Injection speed and pressure curves are displayed and stored.
6.Status monitor and trouble diagnose (attached with alarm unit) can stop machine automatically when trouble takes place.
7.Very large-scale mould memory function, over ten groups of mould parameter can be stored.
8.Electric protection unit hydraulic safety lock and all kinds of safe protection units equipped according to standard CE can ensure the absolute safety of machine and human body.
9.Equipped with imported famous brand protection gas mixing unit, fully enclosed constant casting melter which ensures production safe.

Features of MMT Series Magnesium Die Casting Machine

Injection System of Magnesium Die Casting Machine

Superior Injection System

Yomato’s superior non-floating piston injection system has a low malfunction rate,built-in one-way valve control, shorten the pressure build-up time and ensure the good stability.

Lubrication System of Magnesium Die Casting Machine

Central Lubrication System

The toggles are equipped with an automatic central lubrication system that allows separate adjustments of the lubrication interval and oil volume and improves the lifespan and reliability of the machine.

Toggle System of Magnesium Die Casting Machine

Highly Stable Toggle System

The high-rigidity mold opening and closing mechanism meets the requirements of high-speed machines and it is resistant to impacts and has long lifespan. In addition, the fast clamping system is a standard feature for the purpose of high-speed production.

Hydraulic Control System of Magnesium Die Casting Machine

Precise Hydraulic Control System

Multi-level electrically operated proportional pressure and flow control, as well as low-pressure mold protection is available;Original imported high performance, low noise dual vane pump from Japan;Electromagnetic valve,Electrical hydraulic valve.

Electrical Control System of Magnesium Die Casting Machine

Stable Electrical Control System

The ORMON PLC control system (touch screen) is safe and reliable with high control accuracy. Separate integration of the electrical and electronic systems effectively enhances the stability of the electrical circuit.

Servo System of Magnesium Die Casting Machine

Energy Saving Servo System(optional device)

Yomato magnesium die casting machine supply the  servo system for machine energy saving as optional.

Servo motor:Hilectro(China famous brand)+Servo Pump:Sumitomo brand+Servo Driver:MODROL

Or customized making under special requirements brands.

Specification List

Item Unit MMT700 MMT850 MMT950 MMT1100 MMT1300
Clamping Unit Clamping Force KN 7000 8500 9500 11000 13000
Platen Size(HxV) mm 1260x1250 1400x1400 1480x1480 1620x1600 1780x1770
Space Between Tie Bars(HxV) mm 820x820 925x925 980x980 1050x1050 1100x1100
Tie Bar Diameter mm 165 185 190 210 230
Mold Height(Min.-Max.) mm 350-900 400-950 400-950 450-1150 550-1200
Clamping Stroke mm 650 760 800 900 1000
Ejection Stroke mm 160 180 180 190 200
Ejection Force KN 260 360 260 500 570

Injection Unit Injection Force KN 620 750 800 900 1100
Injection Stroke mm 650 750 800 900 950
Injection Position mm 0,-250 0,-250 0,-250 0,-300 0,-320
Injection Plunger Diameter mm 80,90,110 80-120 90-130 90-130 100-140
Injection Weight(Mg) KG 6.1,7.8,9.6 7--16 9.1-19 10.3-21.6 13.5-26
Casting Pressure(Intensify.) MPa 123,97,79 149-66 125-60.3 141-67 140-71
Casting Area cm2 567,718,886 570-1287 755-1575 777-1622 925-1815
Max.Casting Area(40MPa) cm2 1750 2125 2375 2750 3250
Casting Flange Protrusion mm 15-0.05 20-0.05 20-0.05 20-0.05 25-0.05
Casting Flange Diameter mm 165 180 190 240 240
Plunger Penetration mm 280 300 350 350 350

Others System Working Pressure MPa 16 16 16 16 16
Motor Power KW 37 37 45 55 74
Oil Tank Capacity L 1200 1400 1500 1800 2200
Machine Weight KG 30000 39500 48000 70000 90000
Machine Dimensions(LxWxH) m 8.2x2.5x3.3 9.4x2.6x3.6 9.6x2.5x3.6 11.2x3.4x4 12.5x3.5x4


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