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Automatic Water Purifier JS-1000

High Preformance
High Efficiency
High Precision
Higher Stability

Product Description


A variety of industries including power generation, electronics components, chemicals, household chemicals, pharmaceutical, food and metal surface treatments. Users generally reflect upon its stable quality and good reputations.


Mixed Bed Water Purifier system is composed mainly of the following water purification equipment: water filters, carbon absorption vessel and ion exchanger vessel, a variety of Auxiliary Equipment and materials were added to complete a water purifier system that meets different applications. The quality of processed water (effluent) can be adjusted for simple demineralized water ranging up to quality of ultra-pure water. Processing capacity per set ranges from 0.5 cu. M /hr to 250 cu. M /hr. It satisfies the requirement of most industries and users worldwide under different water conditions.


1.The process is fully automated

2.If the effluent is not up to standards, it will automatically regenerate for cleaning


TDS test pen description, for your reference
Test results Reference Table: Units: ppm (parts per million) Water Quality
0--50 softener
50 - 100 general hardness of water
100--200 hard water
200--400 highly hard water
More than 400 ultra-hard water

Now pure mechanical equipment design and planning is not more than 150 ppm,and If water quality exceeds 150ppm when the equipment will be different design specifications.

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