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Auto Sprayer for 230-400Ton

High Preformance
High Efficiency
High Precision
Higher Stability

Product Description
1.With front base or rear base options, can increase production speed, the machine is robust.

2.It can be used independently or interface with die cast machine, extractor, ladler and press machine to from complete automated production.

3.Installed with at least two JS custom-made atomizer, to improve the spray in both stationary and moveable die, adjustable water volume, and the effect of atomization becomes more prominent when doing thin casting.

4.Die release agent spray time can be done separately for stationary and moveable die.

5.It can carry out air blowing operation while ascending, simultaneously cleaning the stationary and movable die while ascending, maintaining a clean mold surface.

6.The spray volume can be regulated.

7.The ascending and descending speeds are stable; descending speed can be abruptly reduced in order to extend the life of shock absorber. Equipped with anti-drop locking device, this will prevent the spray head from dropping in case of air pressure cat-off.

8.Spray can also be installed on middle row, allowing use of two different release agents that would give better results.

9.Uses PLC control circuit, with build-in error code display for maintenance.

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