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Yomato Sole Exporter

Ningbo EcoTrust Machinery Co.,Ltd. as the sole exporter of Yomato die casting machine,was established in 2009,local in Ningbo, is responsible for international marketing,sales and service of Yomato die casting machine.

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Ningbo EcoTrust Machinery Co.,Ltd.

Tel: + 86-574-87919325 / 87919326

Fax: + 86-574-87919327

Add:Room.2402,West Building,Kemao Center,No.100,Xiangyun Road,Hi-Tech Park,Ningbo,China(Post Code:315040)


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Contact: Sean Jiang

Phone: +86-13777149766

Tel: +86-574-87919325 / 87919326

Add: Room.2402,West Building,Kemao Center,No.100,Xiangyun Road,Hi-Tech Park,Ningbo,China(315040)

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